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A Tayal

泰雅巴萊 / A Tayal

導演 Director:陳潔瑤 Laha Mebow(泰雅族Atayal)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2021
長度 Length:23m

陳潔瑤 / Laha Mebow 台灣第一位原住民女導演,泰雅族人。世新大學廣電系畢業,從事影視行業20多年,以拍攝原住民電影、紀錄片為主,已完成三部電影劇情長片。

第二部劇情長片《只要我長大》獲2016台北電影節最佳劇情片、最佳導演、百萬首獎等五項大獎,並於當年代表台灣參加奧斯卡外語片。近年也跨域與不同國家合作原住民短片與紀錄片,並赴紐西蘭參與跨國劇本開發。 Laha Mebow, Atayal, the first female Taiwan indigenous director. She had been working in movie industry for more than 20 years, and has made 3 feature films so far.

Lokah Laqi, her second feature film, won five awards at 2016 Taipei Film Awards, including the Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Grand Prize, also competed for Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. She has collaborated with various overseas practitioners on indigenous short films and documentaries, and went to New Zealand to participate in the development of transnational scripts.

尤幹住在位於海拔1200 公尺高的部落,村民以種植高麗菜為主,是個典型泰雅高山部落。 在同齡裡,尤幹個子異常嬌小,身體裡卻藏著原住民的老靈魂,從沒離開過部落,一直生活泰雅文化裡。祖鈞家則是部落少見的健全家庭,爸媽勤勞經濟穩定,但面對高中後,必須下山唸書,祖鈞開始徬徨。 Yukan is living in a community with an altitude of 1200-meter, where people mainly grow cabbages, a typical Atayal community of mountains.

He’s quite thin and small among the same age but inside he has an old indigenous spirit. He never leaves the community and has been living in the Tayal culture. Zu-jun’s sound family is rare in the community and his parents are diligent for economic stability. Zu-jun is feeling lost about leaving the community for high school.

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