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The Healer and the Psychiatrist

思覺失調的選擇 / The Healer and the Psychiatrist

導演 Director:Mike Poltorak
國別 Nationality:東加Tonga
年份 Year:2019
長度 Length:1h 14m

麥克‧波托拉克 / Mike Poltorak

麥克‧波托拉克博士是肯特大學人類學與保護學院的資深講師。1998年至2000年,麥克‧波托拉克博士在東加王國針對傳統治療和精神疾病進行了兩年的研究,研究期間,他使用影像紀錄做為研究內容之一,這也啟發了自己將人類學與影片製作相結合的想法。透過此方式,他了解到影片拍攝者和拍攝對象之間的關係,這對為社會創作一部具有完整性和實用性影片有一定的重要性。 Dr. Mike Poltorak is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent. His collaborative philosophy of filmmaking was inspired by two years of using a video camera as an integral part of medical anthropological research on traditional healing and mental illness in Tonga from 1998-2000. There he learned the importance of the relationship between filmmaker and subjects to creating a film with integrity and utility for the community.

在南太平洋群島的瓦瓦烏上,民俗醫生 Emeline Lolohea以傳統療法治療深受精神疾病所苦的病患。在距離一日船行遠的另一處,東加精神科醫生 Mapa Puloka 博士在當地建立了廣為人知的公共精神病學。雖然兩位醫生從未見過彼此,但在這部紀錄片中,他們共同創造與精神疾病和精神痛苦本質對話的機會,以及分享彼此在救助病患時所面臨的困難。他們對於改善醫療現況的承諾和革新,為日益嚴重的全球心理健康危機,帶來了新的挑戰和契機。 On the South Pacific Island group of Vava’u, the traditional healer Emeline Lolohea treats people affected by spirits. One day away by ferry, the only Tongan Psychiatrist Dr Mapa Puloka has established a public psychiatry well known across the region. Although the two healers have never met in person, this film creates a dialogue between them on the nature of mental illness and spiritual affliction - and the shared obstacles they face in providing their services to the people in need. Their commitment and transformative communication offers challenges and opportunities to help address the growing global mental health crisis.

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