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豆豆 / Beans

導演 Director:Tracey Deer (Mohawk)
國別 Nationality:加拿大 Canada
年份 Year:2020
長度 Length:1h 32m

崔西‧迪爾 / Tracey Deer


Born and raised in the community of Kahnawá:ke, Tracey Deer is a highly esteemed and multiple award-winning Mohawk director, producer, writer, mentor, speaker, and leader.

榮獲加拿大影視獎最佳電影和最佳首部長片兩項大獎的《豆豆》,講述 1990 年奧卡危機(莫霍克人與加拿大魁北克省奧卡鎮之間的土地糾紛)期間,一位莫霍克族女孩不凡的成長故事。 莫霍克族導演崔西‧迪爾 (Tracey Deer) 以自己12歲那年在一場危機中倖存的經歷為靈感,這部美麗、野性、強而有力的電影見證了一位莫霍克人少女學習如何控制自己情緒波濤的青春期,正如當時族人所經歷的武裝衝突一樣。面對殘酷的現實危險及種族不平等衝突,女孩被迫快速長大,人們通過女孩溫柔無邪的眼睛,見證了奧卡危機,隨著女孩在周遭人們之間尋找著所謂力量與勇氣的榜樣,最終,看見了真實的自己。


Winner of two Canadian Screen Awards (Best Motion Picture and Best First Feature Film), Beans is the incredible coming of age story of a Mohawk girl set during the 1990 Oka Crisis. Inspired by Mohawk director Tracey Deer’s own experience of surviving the crisis as a twelve-year-old girl, this beautiful, raw, and powerful film bears witness to a young Mohawk as she navigates the emotional landscape of adolescence in tandem with the volatility of the armed conflict. We witness the Oka Crisis through the eyes of this tender-hearted, young girl as she is propelled through danger and the stark reality of racial injustice, having to grow up very fast. We see her look to those around her for models of strength and warriorhood and ultimately, to her version within herself. Gorgeously filmed, performed, and directed, this film is a tremendous must-see.

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