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The Lost Sea Horizon

失落的海平線 / The Lost Sea Horizon

導演 Director:喇外‧達賴 Laway Talay(阿美族Pangcah)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2011
長度 Length:1h 9m

喇外‧達賴 / Laway Talay 台東阿美族人,1961年生十八歲高職畢業即北上闖蕩。從事過板模工、作業員、民歌手及建築繪圖員等工作。由於自小愛好繪畫,因此當兵退伍以後執意從事跟美術有關的工作,幸運毛遂自薦得到了室內設計師助理的學習機會,二十八歲成立個人工作室。三十八歲那年參加全景地方紀錄人員培訓班之後,開始用影像記錄關於阿美族人的故事。 Pangcah(Amis) from Taitung, born in 1961, went north to work when he was age 18. He had worked as a singer, formwork worker, and architectural draftsman. According to his interest in painting, he started his career in design and had a studio when age 28. At the age of 38, after attending the Panorama Local Recorder Training, he began to use video to record stories about the Pangcah people.



里娗想念爸爸,想下海撿拾爸爸愛吃的笠螺給爸爸吃,是一種心靈的感應吧,讓哈尼遇上了這事,哈尼不加思索的游向了那暗潮洶湧的海域,哈尼擔心兒時的惡夢再度發生。 Hani's brother Kacaw drowned when they were playing around the sea 30 years ago. Hani couldn't forgive himself and became an alcoholic. To escape from his wife who has always complained about him, Hani always hides at the seaside to drink and didn't want to go home. One day, after drinking a lot, Hani almost drowned, in that very moment, he felt there was someone found and save him. Believe that must be Kacaw, Hani decides to get himself together, and start a new life. Hani's neighbor Litin is a diligent girl, she stopped going to school after elementary school, to support the family. After Litin’s father had passed away, Hani looks after Litin just like she is his daughter. Litin misses her father a lot, and wants to find his favorite seafood but disappears at the sea accidentally, which becomes Hani's greatest fear, he jumps into the water without thought……he is afraid that the nightmare will come back again.

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