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歌舞的我們 / Adju

導演 Director:盧盈良(閩南Hokkien)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2021
長度 Length:25m

盧盈良 / Elvis Lu 畢業於臺灣藝術大學電影研究所。平時靠著打影像雜工過活,也是自由紀錄片工作者,熱愛真實電影,影像大多聚焦於自我的困頓與抒發,近年投入探討信仰及性別議題的領域。 Graduated from Taiwan National University of Art with a MA degree in film and works as a director, photographer and editor in Taiwan. His works range from the representation of the unprivileged and the marginal parts of society to gender issues as well as religious beliefs.


在排灣族將近五百年的歷史中從未提及LGBT,性別議題更在部落普遍信仰天主教與基督教後噤聲。直到2018年婚姻平權公投法案推動,部落的教會才依循《聖經》的解釋表達反對LGBT的立場,Adju的處境變得困難,台灣同婚的公投也未能過關,隨著越來越多的誤解,讓牧凡與陳薇決定在部落展現真實的自己,讓大家看到Adju的存在。 Mo-Fan and Chen-Wei are the Adju. Adju is what the Pai-Wan girls would call their close friends, like “bestie”. The term has gained popularity among effeminate boys, gays and transgender, they start calling each other Adju as a term of endearment.

The concept of LGBT barely existed in Pai-Wan’s history. Later, as most of the community converted to Christianity, LGBT issues became a taboo. When Taiwan launched a referendum on same-sex marriage in 2018, the issue was brought to the surface, church in the community expressed objection against the LGBT community. To stand up against misunderstanding, Mo-Fan and Chen-Wei chose not to hide anymore. They wanted their fellow people to see them for who they really are.

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