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The Journey of Becoming Truku

還能有獵人嗎?/ The Journey of Becoming Truku

導演 Director:張素蓉(閩南Hokkien)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2021
長度 Length:28m

張素蓉 / Su-Rong Zhang 就讀國立臺北藝術大學電影所。來自彰化的閩南女孩,卻不斷往山裡頭走,喜歡人與人相處上的一切大於攝影鏡頭取下的畫面,生命的養分都來自於土地、前人與宇宙。 Zhang is from Changhua, Taiwan. Currently doing her master degree of filmmaking at TNUA.

She likes to capture the moment of people’s interaction. Mostly focused on the topic of Indigenous people in Taiwan. The Journey of Becoming Truku is her first documentary.


狩獵,不是野蠻不是濫殺,而是世界運作的一小點,也是回家的一種方式。還能有獵人嗎?這答案會在每個人心中。 Culture is not only descent but self-identity. The Indigenous hunters of Molisaka community still obey the hunting rules from their ancestors even the outsiders argue about the hunting issues of the Indigenous.

For the Indigenous people, hunting is not a sport or business. It contains their philosophy of life, nature and cultural inheritance. In this documentary: The Journey of Becoming Truku, the director would like to express another perspective of hunting that we never thought about. It is not just for human survival or taking away lives from animals, but a kind of lifestyle.

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