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Smoke of the Sea

如煙似海 / Smoke of the sea

導演 Director:蘇三木 Sam Simonds(美國U.S.)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2019
長度 Length:20m

蘇三木 / Sam Simonds 蘇三木是一位美國作家和導演,他在過去的幾年裡持續進行‘Atolan的田調和拍攝計畫。蘇三木的作品很大程度上受到1960年代末期電影「洛杉磯起義」事件發跡的導演們影響。

他對挑戰大眾普遍認知的故事感到興趣,並探討闡述原鄉世界內部關係的原住民族知識系統。 Sam Simonds is an American writer and director who has spent his last few years researching and filming in ‘Atolan. His works are largely inspired by directors who emerged from the LA Rebellion. He is interested in stories which challenge perceived universal truths and explore indigenous knowledge systems which articulate relationships within local worlds.



《如煙四海》的拍攝靈感來自於徐碩曼(Hsu, Shuhu-Man)成長過程中與祖靈相遇的經驗。 The short narrative fiction film, Smoke of the Sea, is set in ‘Atolan (Mandarin, Dulan), Taiwan. Bed-ridden in Taipei with an undiagnosed illness, Ya-Ting must face her greatest fears in a journey through the world of the Amis Ancestors. Through interactions with land Ancestors and familial Ancestors, Ya-Ting begins the long process of recalling her Amis identity and engaging with Amis knowledge systems. Smoke of the Sea is inspired by encounters 徐碩曼 (Hsu, Shuo-Man) had with ancestors while growing up.

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