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mata no angit 天空的眼睛
Eyes of the Sky

mata no angit 天空的眼睛 / Eyes of the Sky

導演 Director:張也海·夏曼(達悟族Tao)
國別 Nationality:台灣 Taiwan
年份 Year:2013
長度 Length:1h

張也海‧夏曼 / Chang, Yeh-Hai Hsia Man 達悟族人,出生於台灣東南方的蘭嶼島。環繞在島嶼四周圍的海,是他自小成長的環境與工作的地方。因為與海關係的緊密,其影像創作都是以海洋議題作為創作的題材。 Chang, Yeh-Hai Hsia Man, Tao, was born on an island called Lanyu (Orchid Island), located southeast of Taiwan. The ocean surrounding his island is the place where he grew up and work. Because of the tight connection he has with the ocean, all of the stories he films are relative to the sea.


Surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is not only the origin and the starting point for the migration of the Austronesian peoples, but a complete maritime nation. Within the space and scope of the sea, the abundant marine resources had nurtured and enriched the lives and cultures of Tao people and other Austronesian peoples, namely, the key element to maintain and continue the national lifeline and civilization. However, after the invasion of colonial powers and global capitalism to exploit the nations on the islands, local culture and knowledge, especially the use of the marine knowledge in traditional navigation and shipbuilding, have been gradually marginalized to suffer bubble effects.

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